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Pekoča omaka Bhut Jolokia

8,48  Vključuje 9,5% DDV
Bhut Jolokia's hot sauce, which does not contain dyes, artificial preservatives or stabilizers, will delight you. A completely natural, medium-hot exotic addition to your diet. Chili pipp Bhut Jolokia hot sauce belongs to the medium hot sauces (9/10), which otherwise cover the hotness between 6 and 9. For every taste, there is an excellent hot chili sauce in our online store. We offer you 16 different sauces, from less hot to very hot.
Bhut Jolokia hot sauce ingredients are: bhut jolokia chili, tomato, vinegar, salt, pipp chili spice mix, sugar, onion, garlic, lime juice and cornstarch.