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Lešnikova jedrca – Pražena

5,51 27,74  Vključuje 9,5% DDV
Roasted hazelnut kernels of the Mediterra brand are a 100% natural organic product. We offer roasted kernels in as many as four quantities from 150, 250, 500 to 1000 g. The usefulness of roasted hazelnut kernels is indispensable in the diet, for baking pastries, various poticas, as an addition to cheeses, and they go perfectly with štruklje and various cold salads. Hazelnut kernels also have extremely beneficial properties, especially for the heart and blood vessels. They contain a lot of essential fatty acids beneficial to health. Hazelnuts can also be used for liqueurs or soaked in oil for faster skin tanning. Hazelnut leaves have a rich source of tannins, which is why they are used in pharmacy for various anti-inflammatory skin diseases, pimples, ulcers, rashes. Hazelnuts or hazelnut kernels are also important for our digestion.