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Rdeče paprike s sirom – polpekoče 270 g

2,69  Vključuje 9,5% DDV
Red peppers - semi-hot with Almita cheese, which we offer in our online store, have an excellent, special taste. This special taste is also reflected in the fact that the peppers are stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese (feta cheese). It is common knowledge that red peppers contain a large amount of minerals and vitamin C. At the same time, let's emphasize that along with minerals and vitamin C, it also lowers cholesterol. Red peppers stimulate digestion and fill you with a fresh feeling. The product is accompanied by verified quality. Semi-hot red peppers with cheese are produced in harmony with nature and technology. High production standards and a comprehensive controlled process leading to a high-quality end product apply. Red peppers are also an excellent antioxidant.